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What I Read in 2016

My goal for 2016 was to read/listen to at least 100 books, reading at least 52. I ended up reading 49 and listening to 17, for a grand total of 66 books. Normally I’d be disappointed about not meeting my goal, but I’m thrilled I read as much as I did! This year, I have the same goal. We’ll see if I can pick up the pace a bit.
For the last several years, my dad and I have done a book bingo together. We create 24 categories + 1 free space at the beginning of the year, then try to read a book from each category. These range from silly (book with an orange cover) to diverse (book that is a translation) to old (published before 1000AD). Last year, he finished his whole bingo--must be nice to be retired! I finished about ⅔. We have a new bingo game for this year, so I better get reading.
I check out the majority of my ebooks and audiobooks from the public library via Overdrive. I’m usually good about managing the number of books I have and the number of books I have on hold. Pro tip: add bo…

2017.1 - The Giver

I finished my first book of 2017! It's a reread, and one that I've read about a dozen times...The Giverby Lois Lowry!

The first time I read this book was in 4th grade, and I fell in love. The initial appeal was the perfect world that quickly shattered when Jonas gained knowledge above and beyond his community. I marveled at how comfortable it would be to live in a society like that, in perfect oblivion. It made me think about how I would handle living like this--but, then I'd realize I wouldn't know that I were living in such a fabricated society. In some ways, it's similar to children (and even adults) living within oppressive and/or cult religions.

I was inspired to reread it this time because my 8th graders just finished a dystopia unit, and some chose to read The Giver (other options included Hunger Games and Fahrenheit 451).

These days, we don't bat an eye when there's yet another dystopian young adult novel or trilogy published; they're all fairly…

Books! Books! Books!

Passion projects are fun, so are hobbies. Reading is one of my passions and hobbies, so I'm going to blog about my reading journeys this year. (I blog semi-regularly about teaching and education here.)
I've been keeping track of what I read since 2011, and it's been incredible to look back at all the wonderful adventures. In 2011 and 2012, my lists are on paper. Starting in 2013, I kept a list in Evernote. Unfortunately, Evernote has become less functional--it doesn't automatically sync, and they always want me to upgrade to premium. At the end of 2016, I switched my lists over to Google Sheets, with a new tab for each year. I'm slowly importing my data, making fun graphs, and keeping track of my own analytics. Now in 2017, I'll have some robust reading data (nerd alert!). 
2011 - 18 (?)* 2012 - 32 (?)* 2013 - 54 (54 books, 0 audio) 2014 - 82 (52 books, 30 audio) 2015 - 58 (41 books, 17 audio) 2016 - 66 (49 books, 17 audio)
My 2017 goal is the same as 2016. Rea…