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2017.1 - The Giver

I finished my first book of 2017! It's a reread, and one that I've read about a dozen times...The Giver by Lois Lowry!

The first time I read this book was in 4th grade, and I fell in love. The initial appeal was the perfect world that quickly shattered when Jonas gained knowledge above and beyond his community. I marveled at how comfortable it would be to live in a society like that, in perfect oblivion. It made me think about how I would handle living like this--but, then I'd realize I wouldn't know that I were living in such a fabricated society. In some ways, it's similar to children (and even adults) living within oppressive and/or cult religions.

I was inspired to reread it this time because my 8th graders just finished a dystopia unit, and some chose to read The Giver (other options included Hunger Games and Fahrenheit 451).

These days, we don't bat an eye when there's yet another dystopian young adult novel or trilogy published; they're all fairly predictable, filled with love triangles, and rarely complex.

I've read The Giver about a dozen times, including listening to the audiobook once. I've also read the other three books in The Giver Quartet (Gathering Blue, Messenger, and Son) twice each. I'll probably reread each of those at some point in 2017 too.

What did you think about The Giver?


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